Monday, September 22, 2008

St. Vincent's Here We Come!!!

Last Sunday we had our 1st bag stuffing for St. Vincent's hospital! We also made bags for Baptist East and Baptist South along with our NICU nurses day goodies. We made a total of 100 bags! It was so exciting to know that we were sending these bags to another city! Nicole Collier and Alison Baggett who are heading up Footprints in Birmingham drove down to help us. It is truly amazing to see the growth that the Lord has done in this ministry! We are looking forward to expanding to even more cities! The Lord has great plans for the Footprints Ministry! Thank you to the following volunteers who came Sunday:

Alison Baggett
Courtney Branch
Jessi Carr
Betty Cody
Nicole Collier
Christy Cronier
Alicia Foxworth
Heather Grimes
Tina Hall
Joyce Hill
Jacki Hornsby
Kim Keefe
Peggy Kelly
Sherry Melton
Lindsey Norred
Karen Redden
Stephanie Roarke
Ashley Rogers
Tracy Welch
Leigh Willis
Kitti Wilson
Jennie Young

"Sing about the glory of his name! Tell the world how glorious he is." Psalm 66:2