Monday, September 15, 2008

NICU Nurses Day!

Today is NICU Nurses Day! There are not enough words to express how much we appreciate every nurse that works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units. These nurses become 2nd mothers to our babies. They feed, bathe, and comfort these babies when their mothers can't be there. They save these babies' lives! They are truly angels! Below is a letter that David Colgan wrote to the staff of the NICU at Baptist South. I thought this was amazing and powerful way to express what all of these nurses mean to every single baby they care for. Also below is a bible verse that is a perfect expression of our gratitude for these nurses.

"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." Philippians 1:3

Dear Nurses, Technicians, Occupational and Respiratory Therapists, Doctors and Staff,

Sometimes words fail us. How can someone put on paper a feeling best expressed with tears of joy? Or capture in words the welling of gratitude that comes from so deep and is so overwhelming? Words can also fail us by getting tired and meaningless from over-use. Someone can say, “I am forever in your debt’” or “you saved my life” when they get a nice present or were helped out of a jam. There are not many occasions when a person can say “you changed my life’” and really mean it. But this is one of those times. What you all have done for Caroline and for us is so tangible, direct and evident that I can write you a series of bullet points like I would a business memo. These are not sentiments, they are facts:

· Caroline would not be alive if it were not for you
· Our family would be grief stricken if it were not for you
· We would not be a complete family if it were not for you
· We have a bright future because of you

The work you do is more of a calling or a vocation than a job. Like a priest or a minister, you care for people you do not even know and give them the love you would your own family. You have a gentle power that changes the lives of babies and families. Certainly there are days that it is a drag to come to work; we all have those days. But I can imagine that when you look at that wall of photographs with the faces of children you have saved it all makes sense and is worth it. Please know that my family and so many others are complete because of you. All the graduations, all the scraped knees, the boyfriends, the laughs and cries and all the future generations start with you- they would not even be possible without you.

There is no satisfying way to thank you. No words are powerful enough; no gesture is rich enough. You are remarkable people doing the most important work that I know. We are privileged to have been a part of your world for seven weeks, to see what you do and how well you do it and all with such love. We will not miss our Caroline being sick but we will miss you all.
On behalf of Tyler and Caroline and Elizabeth, I am sincerely and forever yours,

David Colgan