Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa at St. Vincent's Hospital

Last weekend we had our 1st Santa visit to the NICU at St. Vincent's hospital in Birmingham. We had an amazing visit! It was almost surreal walking through St. Vincent's with the Birmingham volunteers. I'm still kind of in shock that God has opened the door in Birmingham and also in Huntsville. I probably shouldn't be shocked but when we started Footprints we had no idea the Lord would take it to other cities. And I just think this is a small glimpse of the HUGE things He has in store for us. The Lord is truly amazing and we give him ALL the glory for the great things he is doing in the Footprints Ministry! Birmingham has a wonderful dedicated group of volunteers. Below is a story from the associate pastor, Jack Hinnen, of Riverchase United Methodist Church, he was one of the elfs for our visit.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the NICU at St. Vincent’s hospital with an organization called Footprints. My part was minor; I simply dressed up as an elf and escorted Santa through the unit. This is not your typical Santa visit. The kids don’t holler and get excited when the big man with a red suit comes in. In fact, except for the occasional unhappy young one, our day in the NICU was incredibly quiet. But the lack of noise did not imply a lack of awareness or activity. The NICU can be a pretty intense place! In this hospital unit, every second, every look, and every moment is precious. There were families there who had been there weeks with no sure idea of when they’d be able to go home. There were grandparents there who had put jobs, families, and life on hold until their newest family members could be well. There are nurses and physicians who, like angels, flutter around restoring not just health but humanity to the smallest babies and the most anxious parents. It is into this place that we brought a bit of Christmas Spirit.

As a pastor, I live for times when people reach out to one anther. But Footprints is about meeting people where they are and ministering to them, in even the most hard to reach places not in the name of Santa, but in the name of Jesus. What Footprints offered was a chance to bring people out of the timeless and unending watching of the NICU and remind them that they are not alone. Christmas, the story of the birth of another baby, could reach them even in the NICU. I felt my heart lifted to know that a prayer, a stocking full of supplies, and a picture with a jolly fat man could be brought into as solemn place as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and connect with those with heavy hearts. Like I said, my part was minor, but I felt God moving in that place. Jesus says a thing or two about reaching out to the least of these. In the NICU that day, we saw some of the smallest, most precious, people we could possibly meet. And it made my Christmas.

Jack Hinnen
Associate Pastor Riverchase United Methodist Church

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who helped with the 1st Santa visit at St. Vincent's! We are so excited about the future plans for Footprints in Birmingham!
Thank you Matt and Nicole Collier, Alison Baggett, Cindy Davis, Ben and Lurenda Avery, Jack and Cheryl Hinnen, and Glenn Wilson.
"God knows how often I pray for you. Day and night I bring you and your needs in prayer to God, whom I serve with all my heart by spreading the Good News about his Son." Romans 1:9

Monday, December 29, 2008

Baptist East Reunion Party

A few weeks ago Baptist East hospital in Montgomery had their annual NICU Reunion party. This was our 1st year to help with the party. It was so much fun! The hospital had Santa come and lots of goodies and treats. It was a great time for the parents to reunite with the nurses and other families that they become friends with during thier NICU stays. We got to see so many of our Footprints families and even meet new families who received our bags. It was so amazing to the progress each of these babies have made! Thank you Lord for doing great things through the lives of each of these children! Please see the pictures below of a few of our Footprints' babies.
"He does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles." Job 5:9

John Martin Douglas
Raley Marie Parkman
Peyton Elizabeth Barranco
Harper and Lilly Mielke

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spreading Christmas Cheer!

On Saturday, we had a wonderful visit to the NICU at Baptist South with Santa! This is my absolute favorite event we do each year! It is such a humbling experience during such a hectic time of year. It's like you walk into another world literally. There's no traffic and crowds to fight, no one is concerned with whether they finished their Christmas shopping, no lines to stand in, no Christmas hustle, just special gifts in the NICU. Those special gifts are the precious babies these parents received this year! I wish there was a way for everyone to experience this visit. We brought the babies their "1st Christmas stocking" filled with goodies and took pictures for the parents with Santa. Normally these precious babies would miss their 1st Christmas picture with Santa and probably not have a stocking simply because their parents are spending countless hours at the hospital with them. We are so blessed to be able to provide this opportunity for these families!

The Lord definitely uses this opportunity to remind me what Christmas is all about. It's not about the gifts, Santa, and shopping. It's about the birth of our Savior! It's so, so easy to get wrapped up in all the other things during the Christmas season. I hope the pictures below will be a reminder to you of what is important this Christmas!

You may also click HERE for more pictures that were featured in the Montgomery Advertiser.

Also, I asked a sweet Elf, Jeff Branch, to share his experience of his first visit to the NICU. Please read below:
There are so many emotions and thoughts that run through my head after experiencing the NICU at Baptist South. We get so comfortable with normal life; it is hard to understand the pain and stress that parents and families feel in this trying time. Witnessing a mother stare at her new born child through clear plastic, longing to touch, hold, and show unconditional love does not scratch the surface of the emotions that fill her heart daily. Moving gradually from room to room, one through four, each one representing a step to the family’s departure together to normal life makes it is easy to see so much progress in such a short time. But reality is that time moves in slow motion during their stay at the NICU. Many of these babies have been there for weeks, and some several months. I remember viewing one child that was 1lb. 10oz. that was no more than a week old.

I still have warm images in my head of how hard the nurses at Baptist South work, and the appreciation that is shown by all. They are truly angels and it is very evident of the love and compassion that each one of them exerts. I remember seeing a nurse sitting in a corner feeding a baby boy a bottle, gently rocking back and forth and talking to the child as if it was her own. She had her arms cradled around his body and eagerly bragged of the progress that he had made. I witnessed the gentleness that all the nurses displayed when placing cute Santa hats on all the babies’ heads, holding them just right and telling them to smile hoping to get the perfect picture for their parents.

These children are fighting to survive from the time that they enter this world. I remember all the tubes, IV’s, and monitors that measure the many things important to their success. I feel sorry for their parents, many of whom do not live in Montgomery, who were unfortunately not present last Saturday to experience the gift that The Footprint’s Ministry brings to the NICU all year and especially this Christmas season. The look on the parents’ faces when Santa walked into the room was glowing with joy. One mother immediately started crying and was overtaken with happiness. Another father was so proud and eager to take a picture with his new child and Santa that he could hardly contain himself. Other parents and family members shared in the joy simply that people would take time to visit them and offer prayer. Kim and Glenn Wilson, and all the support staff of this great organization provide the light at the end of the tunnel for these families. It provides hope to hear the true testimonies of other parents who have been in their shoes and can relate to the hurdles being faced everyday. These are the true blessings that Kim and The Footprint’s Ministry brings to these families delivering blue stockings for the boys and pink for the girls, all filled with gift cards and other necessities during their stay at Baptist South. Most of all, they bring the true message of Christmas to these families. The act of giving, the support of prayer, and true hope that God’s plan will happen in their child’s life is the best Christmas gift these parents will ever receive. Jeff Branch

I also want to thank the following people for helping make this Santa visit a Huge success!
Glenn Wilson-Santa and my husband :-)
Jeff Branch-Elf
Chris Hagan-Elf
Amanda Hagan-Footprints Volunteer
Nicole Collier-Birmingham Chapter
Jeff Dickey-Heritage Baptist Church Discipleship Minister
Jennifer Foster-Heritage Baptist Church Childrens Minister
Sherry Melton-Footprints Volunteer

Dana Gallahair-NICU Case Manager and Footprints bag distributor
Melody Ragland-Baptist Hospital Public Relations

Our Stockings

Sweet Family and Santa!

A precious family that is on our prayer list!

One of Footprints' favorite nurses Brooke!

Melody Ragland, Baptist PR, with Santa

Chris-elf, Kim, Santa, and Jeff-elf

Dana Gallahair, NICU Case Manager and Santa

All of Santa's helpers!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NICU Journey of Raley Parkman

Below is the story of Raley Parkman, a Footprints' baby. You may also visit her caringbridge page HERE. Raley had a long hard 3 months in the NICU, Praise the Lord she's now home! Thank you to Kadra, her mother, for sharing her her heart with us!

Have you ever thought about how life can change in a matter of one day, one moment or one second for that matter? A pregnancy that seemed so normal and right in one moment changed our lives in the matter of a second. I delivered my sweet baby girl, Raley, at 28 weeks gestational. I never even made it to my third trimester! Raley was born early Friday morning on July 11, 2008. She weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and was 14.5 inches long. After delivery I remember crying and asking while lying on the operating table “why isn’t she crying?” As a second time mom I remember the jubilation and warmth of hearing your child’s first cry. I never got that with Raley. She was immediately intabated and rushed to Baptist East Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Her first cry would be the first of many milestones that I would not experience for several weeks. Ignorant to the depth of the NICU because I had never been directly impacted by it, other than a supporter of the Footprint’s Ministry, I immediately learned how important and extremely necessary it was for the survival of my new tiny baby! Raley’s survival was not dependant on my womb anymore it was in the hands of the doctors and nursing staff of the NICU. The emotions of a normal pregnancy are difficult enough but this situation was ten fold to what I had experienced with the “normal” delivery of my son. Due to me having extremely high blood pressure and the risk of more seizures Raley was 24 hours old before I was allowed to see her, other than through the lens of our camera. My heart sunk with grief when I saw her tiny body lie there with wires and contraptions monitoring her and basically keeping her alive. What did I do to cause this? What could I have done to prevent it? If only I could have her back in my womb again where I could be the one breathing for her, not this man made contraption they call a ventilator! Emotion after emotion ran through my entire being at that second. During Raley’s stay in the NICU she was on the ventilator for two weeks, CPAP for several days and the nasal cannula for several weeks. She endured fluctuation in weight that delayed her progress and two different types of infections. She also battled to eat successfully with a bottle for the last month she was there. She had 8 blood transfusions and simply 91 days away from her family that wanted her home so badly. On October 11, 2008, exactly 3 month’s to the day of her birth, Raley was discharged from the NICU weighing 5lbs 9oz and 18.5 inches long. I will always remember the simple things about that day. Waking up with her and dressing her in her “going home” outfit. Seeing her in her car seat and being beside her during her first car ride. Sounds silly, right? Not to a mother who’s waited so long to do those simple things! Since her arrival home she has grown by leaps and bounds. At 5 month’s old she now weighs over 11 pounds and is perfect in every way. Her hands and feet are so perfect and delicate. Her smile is so sweet and warm and I cherish every breath I feel and hear. Although 3 month’s may have seemed like forever to us, it was only a small glimpse of life that we will treasure because our sweet angel survived and continues to gain strength with each new day the Lord has provided her. I will never take for granted each breath that one of my children take and I thank our God daily for them!

Our family will always be grateful for the love and support of all the people that took the time to write a simple note of encouragement, for the prayers lifted up on Raley’s behalf and the constant love and support from so many footprint ministry volunteers. We will also be eternally indebted to the staff at Baptist East NICU. We could have not asked for better love and care for our sweet angel. Each nurse and doctor has a special place in our hearts for giving us the gift of a healthy baby.

Kadra Parkman

"We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers. We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Thessalonians 2-3

A few days old in the NICU

At home with her Mommy!

Powerful Picture!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We have been serving St. Vincent's hospital in Birmingham since September. Nicole has done a wonderful job of recruiting volunteers but we do need more. We have an area for everyone to serve! Just a few areas you could serve are making bags, collecting donations, fundraising, and sending notes of encouragement to our families. We are also in need of people who can monogram our burp cloths. We have the burp cloths and patterns, we just need volunteers to monogram. If you or anyone you know in the Birmingham area would like to volunteer to help with Footprints' Birmingham chapter please contact Nicole Collier at birminghamfootprints@hotmail.com The Birmingham Parents magazine recently wrote an article on Footprints to see it please click HERE and turn to page 30. It is a great article! Also on this Sunday night on ABC 33/40 will be airing a story on their MATTERS OF FAITH segment about the Footprints Ministry. We are so excited about these opportunites the Lord has blessed us with in the Birmingham area. We are praying that the Lord will continue to bless us with many more volunteers in Birmingham! Nicole Collier is heading up our Birmingham chapter of Footprints. Nicole has been a great blessing to this ministry. I asked Nicole to be our guest blogger today to share what's been going on in Birmingham:

One week ago today I received the first call from our Birmingham Parent magazine article.

7 days and 5 new volunteers later, here we are. When we were contacted about writing a piece on Footprints I was not expecting to have this much of an outpour of support from the community.

It has been exciting and at times heart breaking to hear so many people from the community want to participate with Footprints. Where does the heart break come from- hearing their stories of their own heartache through NICU. Here is the best thing; the Lord led each one to us. We started in September with 50 bags for St. Vincent’s. 3 months and 100 bags later we are starting to gain momentum; going full speed ahead.

I am looking forward to the coming months as we start preparing the bags here in Birmingham. I also look forward to our first fundraiser event that we hope to have in the first quarter of next year.

I want to take a brief moment here and thank Kim. Without her listening to the Lord and His call, I would not be able to be a part of this wonderful ministry.

Nicole Collier

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Hebrews 13:16

Friday, November 28, 2008

Give Thanks to the Lord!

I hope you each had a very Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! This ministry is so thankful for each of you who support, pray and volunteer for Footprints! It is impossible to express in words the gratitude we have for each of you!

The Lord continues to bless us more and more everyday. We are so thankful to Him who has enable this ministry to reach people at one of their darkest moments. We are thankful to Him for opening doors at hospitals all over the state of Alabama. We are so thankful to Him who has continuously provided the funds to keep this ministry running during the worst economic times we've ever seen. We are thankful to Him for every doctor and nurse in the NICU. We are so thankful to Him for every precious angel in the NICU. We are so thankful to Him who works miracles in the lives of these tiny babies. We are so thankful to Him for creating the miracle of Life! Thank You Lord for all you've done! To God Be the Glory!

I want this to be a post that everyone participates in. If you have ever had a child in the NICU, please post a comment in our comments section. Please include the following "I am thankful to Him who blessed ____________(child's name) with a NICU journey" Please also include any other information you feel led to share, child's year of birth and if your family has been touched by the Footprints Ministry. I know some of you are probably looking at that statement thinking "How can we be thankful for being in the NICU" but as you reflect I'm sure you see the awesome things the Lord did through that incredibly difficult time. I know this post will be a great inspiration to our parents who are currently in the NICU this Thanksgiving! We are praying for each of you every day!

"We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love." Romans 5:3-5

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Below is a video from one of our recent services at Heritage Baptist Church. I thought it was very appropriate for Footprints. I know when we were in the NICU there were several times we questioned our circumstances. Please take time to watch this and understand why we all face suffering.

Please click here to view video

"But if you suffer for doing good and endure it patiently, God is pleased with you. For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in his steps." 1 Peter 2:20-21

Monday, November 17, 2008

Amazing Quotes from Amazing People

We recently gathered quotes for our brochures LWT Communications made for us! Unfortunately, we couldn't use every quote that was submitted because there wasn't enough space in our brochure. I did not want these quotes to go unpublished so I am sharing them with you today. Each of these people have been amazing supporters of Footprints! These supporters are parents, nurses and doctors who have really stepped out there and made this ministry into what it is today! To each of you, I was so deeply touched by your heartfelt words as I know everyone who reads them will be as well.

"The Footprints Ministry is the "welcome wagon" of God's grace in the Neonatal Unit at Baptist South. It is available to all, expected by none and totally unconditional. I count it a privilege to be a small part of such a dedicated group. The gift bag provides tangible proof that someone knows just how a new mom of a NICU baby feels and opens the door for ministry to continue." Dana Gallahair RN

"There are very few times in life more challenging then when a parent is faced with a critically ill child. It is during this incredibly vulnerable time that a ministry like Footprints is able to come in and be the hands and feet of Christ to encourage, pray for and grieve with those who are suffering. What a great way to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ!"

Dr. Matthew E. Phillips

“The Footprints Ministry has touched the lives of so many of the families whose children I care for. We are so blessed to have you!”

Dr. Bart Cook, Pediatric Cardiologist

"I had always pictured the perfect pregnancy and the perfect labor and delivery. After I was diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia and had to C-section deliver my twin daughters at only 27 weeks pregnant, it seemed that some of my dreams had been shattered. Knowing my precious daughters would spend 2 months in the NICU was almost more than I could bare... until Footprints reached out to me and let me know that I was not alone. Reading Footprints families' testimonies on the Footprints Ministries blog gave me hope. Receiving Footprints handwritten notes of encouragement gave me strength. Meeting other Footprints families gave me a community. Hope, strength, and community are all such incredible tools that God uses through Footprints to shape our faith in Christ and to pass His love to others."
Laura Mielke, mother of premature twins Harper and Lily, Montgomery, AL

“I was there when this ministry was born in the hearts and minds of Kim and Glenn. I saw God place this vision in their hearts because of their personal journey with their son John Parker. Because John Parker was in the Nicu, this couple saw a need to minister to others who are hurting as they walk through their personal story. I saw Kim and Glenn stand before our church and commit to spend their lives for the Kingdom of God . They share Christ with those who are afraid, whose future is uncertain, and who feel isolated and helpless. I know, because seventeen years ago my wife Tammie and I looked at our little baby named Logan in the Nicu at Baptist Hospital in Jackson Mississippi. Footprints Ministry was not there for us, but I rejoice that it is there for couples in Montgomery and Beyond.”
Dr. David Grumbach, Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church

“Our little Peyton was a gift from God "fearfully, wonderfully made". Footprints helped ease our "fears" through their prayers, support, and care.”
Jeff and Beth Barranco, parents of premature baby Peyton, Montgomery, AL

"When our daughter was in the NICU at Baptist South our life was distilled to its essence - family, friends and God. Everything else was stripped away and was not missed. Through the prayer card in our welcome basket Footprints Ministry brought to us an extended network of family and friends in God we have never met, likely never will, but whose support will never be forgotten. We emerged from the NICU with a perfect little girl. Life has resumed its normal pace of day to day triumphs and struggles. The only thing missing is that clarity about the priorities of life. Footprints Ministry has never forgotten its priorities and shares this clarity with every new family that enters the NICU. It is a remarkable ministry ran by inspired people. "
David and Tyler Colgan, parents of premature baby Caroline, Atlanta, Georgia

"Your words have supported those who were falling; you encouraged those with shaky knees." Job 4:4

Friday, November 14, 2008

Girls in Action!

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful time stuffing bags with the GA group from Thorington Road Baptist Church. These girls were in 1st through 6th grade. They stuffed 75 bags! We truly enjoyed being there and seeing these girls make Footprints bags. I was also a GA so it brought back many memories. It was through GA's that I commited my life to Christ. The GA program is an incredible program for young girls to learn about mission work. The GA's pledge is "As a GA, I will do my best to live a missions lifestyle that honors God by learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions, doing missions, and participating in the work of the church." These sweet girls at Thorington Road definitely lived up to their pledge in learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions and doing missions. After we made the bags the girls prayed over the bags and prayed for the families that would be receiving them. There is nothing sweeter than hearing a child pray! The Footprints Ministry thanks the Thorington Road GA's for all of your hard work!!! We look forward to having you involved with Footprints again very soon!

Below is the GA Bible Verse:
"Give thanks to the Lord. Worship him. Tell the nations what he has done. Announce how honored he is"
Isaiah 12:4

Monday, November 10, 2008

On Our Way to Becoming a Non-Profit!

Last week we mailed off our 501(c)3 paperwork to the IRS! This is a HUGE accomplishment! Erin White did all of our paperwork for us for FREE! We are so grateful for all of her hard work and countless hours she spent completing this for us! The Lord always blesses us with the right people to accomplish the many tasks of this ministry. Thank you so much Erin!

"Your kindness will reward you"
Proverbs 11:17

Monday, November 3, 2008

Gracious Grace Pointe!

A few weeks ago, we stuffed footprints bags with Grace Pointe youth group. We had a great time! I love going to different churches and having them participate in this amazing ministry! I also enjoy seeing children participate in ministry work! What a great lesson to teach young people! I still remember ministry projects I did at church as a youth. These projects can leave lasting impressions on the lives participating and also the lives that receive these bags. Grace Pointe has been such a big supporter of Footprints! Thank you so much to Christy Cronier for coordinating this bag stuffing and also to the youth minister, Keith for allowing us to share this ministry with the Grace Pointe Youth! A big thank you to each of the youth who participated, many lives will be touched by your generous hearts. Below is a letter I received today from a parent who received one of the bags your group made.

Dear Footprints Ministry,
I want you to know that the little gift left by my daughter's bed means so much to me. Thank you so much! My daughter just had eye surgery and is 2 months old. When I received the gift packet I started to read the New testament that was in there and it made me see thing in a better way! I just wanted to tell you thank you! You are very sweet to do this for families in the NICU! God Bless!
Thanks again Grace Pointe for touching the lives of so many in the NICU! Here are a few pics from our bag stuffing.
"By God’s grace and mighty power, I have been given the privilege of serving him by spreading this Good News."
Ephesians 3:7

Christy stuffing bags!
Karen working hard!
Our sweet blankies!
Footprints bags
Grace Pointe Youth stuffing Footprints bags
Thank you Grace Pointe Youth!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome Home Anne Collins and Collier!!!

My favorite part of Footprints is when our babies go home! Anne Collins and Collier are both now home! Thank you Lord! Anne Collins and Collier were born on September 19 and they both weighed 3lbs 4oz. They are now both over 4lbs and doing great! These twins have been in our prayers for a very long time, click here. The progress these girls made in the NICU was absolutely amazing! We know the Lord heard our prayers! Will(Daddy) decided when they became pregnant with twins that he wanted to run a marathon in honor of Footprints. He has already raised over $1200 for Footprints! Also he will be helping organize our 1st Footprints run/walk in the spring! We are so thankful for the Hickman family and their amazing support for the Footprints Ministry! It's so exciting to see the Lord at work in their lives! Thank you Lord for these precious gifts! Thanks to each of you for praying for the Hickman family!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17
Sweet Girls Sharing an Incubator

Tabitha and Collier

Tabitha and Anne Collins

Anne Collins at Home!!!

Collier at Home!!!

Amazing Gifts from God!
Home Together At Last!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our Footprints Ministry Logo!!! I'm so thrilled to share this with you! As you know the Footprints Ministry won a contest called CreatAthon through LWT Communications here in Montgomery. On September 11th, LWT closed it's doors and dedicated a full 24 hours to marketing plans for several non-profits in our community for FREE! They revealed the marketing package to us on Monday. And let me say it is Amazing! Camille Leonard and Cindy Scott designed a logo, car magnet, business cards, prayer request card, footprints bag label and a brochure. It's wonderful how they took our vision for this ministry and turned it into a logo. The logo shows to footprints pushed together and the arches make a heart. How perfect does that go with our mission statement "Walking in God's Grace and Sharing His Love with Families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit." A gigantic thank you to Camille, Cindy and others at LWT who worked on this project! We have been praying for this project for months and it turned into something far better than we ever dreamed! Thank you Lord for opening this door to us and using LWT Communications to bring you glory!

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Ephesians 3:20

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Thank You LWT Communications!

Our Marketing Package!

Thank You Camille and Cindy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


After 13 long weeks, Raley Parkman went home today!!! We are so thankful to the Lord for allowing her to come home! Raley was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lbs 4oz. She now weighs over 5lbs! She is a true example of the Power of Prayer! Raley has some pretty special parents too! Kadra was one of the first people that helped begin the Footprints Ministry. Little did she know that Footprints would be ministering to them one day. The strength and faith of Brendon and Kadra during this time has been absolutely amazing! No matter how bad their day was they always had a smile on their face. Wow and the way they allowed the Lord to use them during this time-Kadra made a radio appearance, she ate dinner with us and another FP mother, helped with the FP golf tournament and she was constantly going around the NICU and providing encouragement to other families. The Lord definitely knew what he was doing when he placed the Parkman family in the NICU!

Today we put up a few Welcome Home signs and balloons at the Parkman's home. We were able to see them as they brought Raley home. It sent chills all over me to see them pull into the driveway. What a long journey this has been for them! Thank you Lord for working so many miracles in sweet Raley! We know it is only by your Grace and Power that she is home today!

Thank you to Brendon and Kadra and the whole Parkman family for allowing Footprints to be a part of your NICU journey! We are so glad this journey has come to an end! We look forward to seeing the Lord do many more Amazing things in the Parkman family!

"In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall. God’s way is perfect." Psalm 18:29-30

One of Raley's first outfits

Kadra's radio appearance with Leslie Bailey

The Parkman Family at the golf tournament

Kadra with her friends Rachele and Robyn at golf tournament

Visitng Kadra and Raley in the NICU

So precious!

Family Photo in the NICU

Our Little Angel!

Welcome Home Cowgirl!

Welcome Home from FP!

Proud Mommy!

Proud Daddy!

Family Photo at HOME!!! YAY!

We're so Happy You are Home Raley!
Proud Big Brother Harrison!