Friday, November 14, 2008

Girls in Action!

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful time stuffing bags with the GA group from Thorington Road Baptist Church. These girls were in 1st through 6th grade. They stuffed 75 bags! We truly enjoyed being there and seeing these girls make Footprints bags. I was also a GA so it brought back many memories. It was through GA's that I commited my life to Christ. The GA program is an incredible program for young girls to learn about mission work. The GA's pledge is "As a GA, I will do my best to live a missions lifestyle that honors God by learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions, doing missions, and participating in the work of the church." These sweet girls at Thorington Road definitely lived up to their pledge in learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions and doing missions. After we made the bags the girls prayed over the bags and prayed for the families that would be receiving them. There is nothing sweeter than hearing a child pray! The Footprints Ministry thanks the Thorington Road GA's for all of your hard work!!! We look forward to having you involved with Footprints again very soon!

Below is the GA Bible Verse:
"Give thanks to the Lord. Worship him. Tell the nations what he has done. Announce how honored he is"
Isaiah 12:4