Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This past weekend Ron and Ashley Laye had a birthday party for their children Anniston, Owen and Griffin. In lieu of gifts they had their party guests make donations to the Footprints Ministry. They raised $420 for the Footprints Ministry! This was such a selfless act. I wasn't surprised when Ashley approached me about this because their family is such an amazing supporter of this ministry. Below is the Laye Family NICU journey written by Ashley. Thank you so much to Ron, Ashley, Anniston, Owen and Griffin for sharing your birthday with Footprints!

What has the NICU meant to me and my family? Well, where do I begin? We have had a long journey with the NICU starting with my son Coleman. He was born in December 03 and had a normal pregnancy and birth. 4 days after his birth (the day after Christmas) we found him not breathing and lifeless. I started CPR and revived him fairly quick. Although he was breathing again, he lost enough oxygen to his brain to cause severe brain damage. The NICU was our home for 7 long weeks. I was desperate for answers and felt like I had nowhere to turn. The nurses, doctors and staff cared for not only my son, but they were so supportive to my whole family. My son passed away 7 months later and most of the extraordinary nurses that cared for him were there at his passing into Heaven. I later had a beautiful healthy daughter named Anniston. And just when I thought my NICU experience was past me, God had other plans. 2 years after the birth of my daughter I gave birth to beautiful twin boys (Griffin and Owen). They were born a little too early and Griffin had to stay in the NICU for 1 week and Owen had to stay for 2 weeks. Again, I was devastated to leave them in this place, but I knew I had the best nurses and doctors caring for them. The twins just celebrated their first birthday and are doing great. I am forever in debt to the NICU and feel I was put on this earth to give back for the gifts they have given me. Although my son is not physically here with me, he guides me to be a person of service and to give all my glory to God. I know God made me from day one to care for Coleman and my other children. I know how hard it is for these parents to have babies in the NICU, so I know how much of a blessing Footprints Ministry is to these families.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
Acts 20:35