Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey Leslie, What's Happening?

We had a wonderful time with Leslie Bailey on AM1170 Tuesday morning! Leslie has been an amazing supporter of Footprints! She also owns Silverspoon Catering and they have agreed to donate a meal to every Footprints family when their baby comes home. And it is a GOOD dinner with all the fixings! Leslie also donated gift certificates as door prizes for our golf tournament and a silent auction item in which someone will win an appearance on her radio show! This is a great auction item for anyone who loves radio or anyone with children who want to be on the radio. Thank you so much Leslie for all of your support and prayers!!!

Another HUGE thank you to Kadra Parkman for coming on the show and sharing their NICU story! The strength and faith Kadra shared was absolutely incredible! Seeing her there and listening to her, was so special! I can see the Lord working through her. He is getting ready to do something really BIG in the Parkman family! They have been supporters of Footprints since the very beginning. It's neat to see how a ministry they were so dedicated to is now reaching out to them. Our God is awesome! Please continue to pray for the Parkman family. To follow sweet Raley's story please click here.

And thank you to my husband, Glenn! He has been doing an incredible job of planning our 1st Footprints in the Fairways golf tournament! I would have never been able to plan this without him! We now have 135 golfers and many, many sponsors! I'm so grateful for the Lord blessing me with a husband who is so supportive of this ministry!

And lastly, thank you to Hunter Brendle who was our one phone call! Hunter always knows how to make us laugh!

"I will give repeated thanks to the Lord, praising him to everyone."
Psalm 109:30

Glenn and Kadra

Kadra and Leslie

They are professionals!

Thank you Glenn and Kadra!