Saturday, June 7, 2008

Even When the Storms Come.....

The hardest thing about this ministry is when our precious babies go to be with our Amazing Lord. Last weekend I went to the funeral of precious Jackson Kenneth Carlson. I was overwhelmed with sorrow as I watched the Mommy and Daddy hold their tiny angel in their arms. His sweet sister Sophie Rose was there and placed her mermaid doll in the casket with him. Knowing that she'll never get to play with her little brother absolutely broke my heart. It was an incredibly beautiful service. Jackson was buried at Alabama Heritage in an area they call "Babyland" As I looked around it sent chills down my body. All these markers with baby's names and parents that lost their children. It was so overwhelming! It's so hard to make sense of these circumstances when the Lord takes these babies so early.

As I left the funeral home, I stopped by the gas station. I went in to grab a few things, there was a lady in front of me that was yelling at the cashier because before she started pumping gas the gage registered 11 cents. 11 cents! Is 11 cents really worth ruining this poor lady's day? I was thinking to myself I just left a funeral of a baby and a family that is overcome with grief and then I run into this lady who is upset over 11 cents. I knew the Lord was trying to show me something.

Later that night I went home, still not able to make sense of my day. I started to read in Matthew 8 where Jesus takes the disciples out on the boat. Jesus is sleeping in the back of boat when a Storm comes. The disciples run to the back of the boat and wake up Jesus to help them. Jesus says "why do you have little faith" he then says to the waves "silence, be still" This story really hit home with me. Sometimes I think, I allow the Lord to be in the back of the boat until something really bad happens and then I'm down on my knees saying Lord help me. When actually the Lord should be steering my boat. The Lord is in control of everything even the storms we face.

As I'm writing this blog this song came on, definitely not a coincidence:
Even rain falls
Even flood start rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the Water

by NeedtoBreathe

My prayer is that all the time and in troubled time we can "Be still", allow the Lord to steer our boat, and have "faith" that he is in control.

Please continue to pray for the precious Carlson family as they are still coping with the loss of sweet Jackson.


Justin, Chandra, Madelyn and Catharine Martin said...

Thank you for this entry. Very well said.

Holly Carlson said...

Kim, I just wanted to thank you and everyone in your organization! I was shown such love and understanding through your group during such a painful time for my family. God is great! I just know that he has a plan for me. I am ever so thankful for my renewed faith in Jesus! He has been with me every step of the way! I know that all of your prayers has helped me stay strong! Thank you again!